Rueben's, Bertus' & Zelda's son, Diabetes Story

Find out how using the insulin pump resulted in better rest for Rueben and his familiy.

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Rueben's, Bertus' & Zelda's son, Diabetes Story

Rueben, in better control with his pump since 2015

Following days with an insatiable thirst and frequent visits to the loo, apart from the fact that feeling crappy became the norm, Reuben was diagnosed with T1 diabetes on Monday 17 November. Already in DKA, he was admitted to hospital and only came home a week later.  As a healthy 12 year old, Reuben’s life would never be the same. Constant finger pricking and insulin injections lead to an enormous reduction in freedom. Reuben’s fear of going low meant he wouldn’t even get into the pool anymore. As an avid tennis player, he lost the desire to play after a couple of hypos on the court.  Getting a good night sleep became a distant dream for us as parents. We realised we had to do something to not forever loose a part of our son which made him who he was. Reuben started using his VEO and CGM in January’15. Our son was back! In April he received his KZN colours for tennis and participated in a 4 day tournament representing his province. Knowing where his sugar was at any time, meant he could control it within a certain range. Still using injections made small corrections nearly impossible. In April Reuben started using the insulin pump functions of the VEO. Immediately, tighter control became possible and basal corrections became predictable, meaning night time sugars are a lot more stable, resulting in better rest for of all of us.  Recently, Reuben was able to upgrade to the latest 640G with even more smart functions and colour display. He absolutely loves it and is very proud to show it to anybody who is interested. Medtronic has changed Reuben’s life and although it is not the only factor, it certainly will play a huge part in ensuring a healthy future.


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